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Those Eight Defectors Languishing In Political Purgatory - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 23, 2022
Those Eight Defectors Languishing In Political Purgatory - By Aires Rodrigues
That those eight Congress MLAs who joined the BJP on 14th September are being repeatedly snubbed by their new Party comes as no surprise. As expected, they are being treated as political excreta and will be always considered as strangers in the saffron outfit, having to always endure the step motherly treatment and sheer rebuff. The BJP is known to be proficient in its devious ‘use and throw’ strategy. Even in neighbouring Maharashtra, it is just a matter of time that the reality dawns on Shiv Sena rebel Eknath Shinde who for political convenience was crowned as Chief Minister amidst much fanfare.
The dilemma being faced by these eight Goa’s political traitors is of their own making. They defected for the sake of money and positions of Power, a dream which will always elude them. The BJP has now virtually shut the door and every possible window on these turncoats discarding them as unwanted. It could not get any worse for this pack of eight. 
They tried to fool the people of Goa by claiming that they dived into the BJP for the sake of development of their constituencies. But we all know it was political treachery of the highest order for their own and personal self-development. Their greed led them into this political suicide by self-immolation and the eight must be drowned all in remorse but are paying the price for being so greedy. They will further not be spared the brunt for having dared make a mockery of the Almighty after the solemn oath they took at the Temple, Mosque and Church to never defect.

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Mario Rebelo
Sunday - Dec 25, 2022
God’s wrath never fails. It will not only strike them but sadly their families too in their 3rd and 4th generations.
Gabriel de Figueiredo
Sunday - Dec 25, 2022
I am saddened by this turn of events, especially by Aleixo Sequeira. What was his reason, I wonder? Abandoned his voters for power? Is this what "freedom fighters" fought for - self-aggrandizement? Is that the reason why the other "freedom-fighter" (of "Eu protesto" fame) left Goa for London after losing an "unloseable" election? Bah!
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