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World Cup In Qatar – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
World Cup In Qatar – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
There is no greater show on this planet of any individual sporting item than that of the soccer World Cup that is underway now in Qatar where almost half the tournament is already over with the completion of first phase where the host was given an automatic entry officially without undergoing the gruelling qualifying rounds, lasting over a year.
This time Qatar being the host enjoys the privilege of automatic entry and ultimately makes a joke of itself because these soccer poor countries of this automatic competing with highly competitive teams where they are turned into novices and thus, they spoil the grandeur of the whole tournament as Qatar made this time in addition to the scandalous propaganda of their severe criticism of it by misusing the workers involved in the construction of Stadia for this tournament. In fact, it is not Qatar alone but the entire Gulf region that treat their workers like slaves. Gulf is the only region where all the countries treat their foreign workers with disdain and disrespect.
Will any player break the record of 13 goals scored by Frenchman Just Fontaine in 1958 when the total number of participants were just 16 compared to the current 32?  
Though the first phase is completed but still there is not much excitement, no single player is so far indicating his super talent and no extra ordinary goals are scored so far because no extra ordinary player is there making us to rely only on Messi and Ronaldo to play magical game if they can. There is nobody in the European teams like Platini, Bobby Moore, Beckenbauer neither Pele, Maradona in the South American teams, there is nobody in this tournament to emulate the oldies. So far everything is going dull unless second phase brings some excitement.

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