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Better To Be Safe Than Sorry - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
Better To Be Safe Than Sorry - By Aires Rodrigues
We can only hope that the government has learnt the lessons after the botched-up Atal Setu Bridge across the river Mandovi and have cared to take corrective measures at the Zuari Bridge which is nearing completion. The load testing of the Zuari bridge which is being done by placing 32 trucks having load of 32 tons each over the bridge is clearly not in line with the protocol and guidelines laid down for load testing of bridges by the Highways Specifications and Standards Committee. It is appalling and risky that the Zuari Bridge Contractor is using an outdated and substandard method of placing trucks on the Bridge when such load tests are not done anywhere in the world.
The proper specified procedures for load testing should have been adopted. In our rivers where we have heavy wind and challenging climatic conditions the bridge load test must go with intensive procedure otherwise such bridges will collapse or will show cracks just like Atal Setu which was inaugurated in a hurry while now posing a risk for those commuting on the bridge.
Similarly, the Zuari Bridge will suffer the same impact if the proper procedures are not adopted and with no records available to the public of how much load this bridge can carry when the Zuari River also has very high winds and adverse climatic conditions. The authorities must awake to this reality and ensure that the proper load testing is done.
The common sayings ‘Haste makes waste’, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and ‘Better to be safe than sorry’ rings so true for our newly constructed bridges and roads, given their poor track record, the risk and inconvenience to people and waste of even more public funds to fix what is broken. While inaugurating the Atal Setu the then Chief Minister wanted to know ‘how is the Josh’. At the Zuari Bridge inaugural will this Chief Minister chant ‘Bhivapachi garaz Na’ 

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Maitreya Bhaskar
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
We must vigorusly shake each and every cable and test! ha ha ha... just kidding... yes Atul setu scene is pathetic, really a shame. Hope this bridge on Zuari is not a repeat story, let's wait and watch. Only time will tell, going by world standard this a piddli small bridge very common in other countries. Hope our engineers don't mess it up this time.
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