Monday, December 5, 2022
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BJP Facing Tough Task Accommodating Defectors - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
It is a very arduous task for the BJP in Goa to accommodate those eight Congress defectors, some as Ministers and the rest as heads of Government Corporations. They have been anxiously waiting for almost three long months for the crumbs to fall from their master’s table and are running out of patience. Much to their regret having hastily taken the plunge into the deep blue sea without a safety net or a return option they are helpless having burnt their bridges and having hit a political dead end.

Being experts at political prostitution and musical chairs is easy for the BJP! But dropping Ministers to create vacancies for these defectors will be a lot more difficult and divisive unless a clear criterion
World Cup In Qatar – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
There is no greater show on this planet of any individual sporting item than that of the soccer World Cup that is underway now in Qatar where almost half the tournament is already over with the completion of first phase where the host was given an automatic entry officially without undergoing the gruelling qualifying rounds, lasting over a year
The Law Will Slowly But Surely Catch Up With Those Silly Souls By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
Goa Chief Secretary will on December 14th hear the appeal filed against the October 20th order passed by Excise Commissioner Narayan Gad in the case pertaining to that controversial ‘Silly Souls Café and Bar’ in Assagão allegedly run by the family of Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani
Lies Can Become Truth, If We Let Them - By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
In the book, ‘The Goa Inquisition’ 1998 authored by Anant Kabka Priolkar; the Author states following lines in the Introduction of his book that “The records of the Inquisition should have formed the most important source of information for writing an account of its working. Unfortunately, they are not
Better To Be Safe Than Sorry - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
We can only hope that the government has learnt the lessons after the botched-up Atal Setu Bridge across the river Mandovi and have cared to take corrective measures at the Zuari Bridge which is nearing completion. The load testing of the Zuari bridge which is being done by placing 32 trucks having load of 32 tons each over the bridge is clearly not in line
Inland Waterways Of Goa - By Arun Baba Naik
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Many youngsters or even people below 50 years of age may not believe that in the good old days of Goa inland waterways of Goa were well developed. Why youngsters, even I haven't seen boats carrying passengers plying through these inland waterways, though I had heard these things from elders and always found the stories
Government Mocks The People With Empty Promises - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 21st October had publicly made a very tall solemn promise that the PWD, RTO and the Traffic Police would within 15 days prepare a plan to curtail road accidents. It is now over a month and yet no sign of how the authorities plan to deal with the rising number of accidents
Law Enforcement Has Gone For A Super Toss - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Nov 30, 2022
The 19th February 2008 horrendous attack on the Panjim Police Station was a very serious crime against the State. It was a travesty that a law maker led the attack against the law enforcement authorities. That now the CBI is intentionally bungling the Prosecution of the case to save and shield Babush Monserrate the main accused who is now the revenue
Atal Setu – A Failed Project - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Nov 30, 2022
The Atal Setu across the River Mandovi was hurriedly inaugurated on 5th February 2019 but almost four years later the bridge is yet to be complete in all respects. Why has the contractor not been penalized and blacklisted for the shabby works including those huge recurring craters on the bridge. There are also very
The First Ecclesiastical Structure Was Built By Hindus – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
The Chapel of St. Catherine of Alexandria stands where once stood a Mosque. Immediately after the handing over the keys of the City of Goa to Afonso de Albuquerque by Bammon Mhalpe and Timoza, and as per the order of the Portuguese Commander to the soldiers without wasting time very first, this chapel
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