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Dear Readers --------- I will be coming up with an article of how corrupt it is in the POLICE TRAINING SCHOOL based on my own experience when I underwent training and what is still happening now. I have been deeper in this as I have actually felt the corruption affect my career. The Article is almost ready as I had to bring back the memories and will be up within a few days, bringing the tradition of the PTS Corruption - Editor
Can We Believe That Cow Is Our Mother? by Ifa Saldanha

Can We Believe That Cow Is Our Mother? by Ifa Saldanha

A Belief originates from experiences good or bad influencing ones values, attitudes and overall behaviour and it gets entrenched in our collective unconsciousness according to Carl Gustav Jung which may be passed on as a generalization from generation to generation, culture to culture. Are we not phobic of number 13 believing it to be jinxed and a black cat to be a bad omen, to be shunned?

We these unfounded beliefs don’t we resort to paganism when we decide to enthrone our Ministers in the temples believing them to be Gods for catering to their petty interests? And those poor Dalits are they not till date at the mercy of higher castes to be treated as outcasts and untouchables believing them to be a cursed lot due their Karma? The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next- Helen Keller. But to believe that Cow is our Mother which ought to be Rashtra Mata as suggested by MP of Gorakhpur Yogi Adityanath deserves an outright condemnation. How and why a cow an irrational animal unrelated to Homo Sapiens replace our intelligent and compassionate mother? Are we born of her to be her progeny with the same DNA?

Goa - Current Affairs

Dormant Salcete MLA’s Try To Fool The People Now Pretending To Have Spoken

Margao: On Sunday, the MLAs reacted. The first to react was Benaulim MLA Caetano Silva. Caitu pointed that the BJP has 21 MLAs and does not need his or Avertano's or even Benjamin’s support, but it’s they who need the BJP. “I am not from the BJP neither do I support the ideology of the BJP in India. That’s the reason I am an independent MLA and have stayed away from the BJP. But I need the BJP. I need the BJP rather than the one I have defeated,” asserted Caitu

CBCI Condemns The Statement Of The Hindu Mahasabha

New Delhi: The Catholic bishops’ Conference of India has condemned the “highly provocative” statement of the Hindu Mahasabha general secretary Munna Kumar Shukla that encourages attacks on churches and said such statements and the escalated violence indicate a “sinister pattern.” The bishops have taken a “serious note” of “irresponsible statement” of Shukla, General Secretary

Tourism Dept Is Out To Destroy And Finish The Traditional Fishermen

Cansaulim: The President of Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott, Mr. Agnelo Rodrigues has strongly criticized the Goa Government for bringing up the sea plane from Vasco-da-gama - Dona Paula - Coco beach in Nerul, Miramar and Siolim River. “The Department of Tourism is out to finish the traditional fishermen of Goa by bring these kinds of anti-fishermen projects”, he said

Six Children Rescued From The Custody Of A British National Says Goa Police Officer

Panjim: A senior Goa police officer told on condition of anonymity that six children were rescued from the custody of the British national on March 16 and that a detailed inquiry into the matter is on. According to police, when the raid was conducted at the place of the British national, he did not possess valid documents related to his stay in the country

Tailor Master Mickky Pacheco To Move Supreme Court To Compromise Junior Engineer Assault Case

Panjim: The Absconding convicted Goa’s former Rural Development Minister Mickky Pacheco is set to move the Supreme Court on Monday seeking to compromise and compound with Electricity department Junior Engineer Kapil Natekar the 2006 assault case in which he has been convicted to undergo six months in jail

Complaint Filed Against Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar For Harbouring Absconding Mickky

Colva: A complaint has today been filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues at the Colva Police Station against Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar for allegedly harbouring absconding convict Goa’s former Rural Development Minister Mickky Pacheco. Adv. Rodrigues in his complaint has sought that a First Information Report be registered against Manohar Parrikar for committing offences

Search Of Parrikar’s Residence For Hiding Tailor Master Will Embarrass The Country Says Goa Govt

Panjim: A Goa court has stayed a warrant issued by a lower court to search the official residence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in Delhi to trace convicted former state minister Francisco 'Miccky' Pacheco as the state government held that execution of the order will be an embarrassment to the nation

NGT Further Stays Tiracol Bridge

Panjim: Work on the Tiracol Bridge – the part that was earlier stayed by National Green Tribunal (NGT), Pune – has been stayed further by a recent order of the tribunal. NGT, after ordering stay of work on pier No. 6, also directed the government to identify an expert body from three names suggested by it to ascertain whether the construction of the piers at their present location would damage the mouth of the river

Alina Saldanha Protests Against Marinas

Vasco: Minister for Environment and Forest, Alina Saldhana, once again challenged the government by openly protesting its move to allow construction of marinas at Bambolim and Sancoale. She stressed that she was and would always be against such projects as they would destroy biodiversity hotspots and rob the livelihoods of several villagers living on both sides of the Zuari river

Maina-Curtorim Police Intensify Search For Main Suspected Drug Peddlers

Margao: The Maina Curtorim police have intensified their search for the two main suspected drug peddlers who were present at the party at Curtorim on April 18-19 which led to the deaths of two persons on account of suspected drug overdose. The duo has been identified as Mathew Colaco, a resident of Raia, and Krish Pereira, a resident of Loutolim, who have since been on the run

Goa’s BJP Govt Is Going Out Of Way To Protect Criminals

Margao: Continuing the interim stay granted against the JMFC court order to search for convicted former RDA minister and Nuvem MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco at the residence of Union defence minister Manohar Parrikar, the additional sessions court on Thursday adjourned the matter till April 27, after seeking a reply from the government. Judge P V Sawaikar had granted the interim

Comunidade Leaders Pressures The Goa Govt To Restore Their Property

Panjim: Gaunkars and comunidade leaders demanded that the government restore their community property to them by evicting all unauthorized occupants and encroachers on their land and recover costs for damages from those responsible for the illegal structures. The components (gaunkars) from different comunidades of Goa observed Gaunkars' Day recently in the city to highlight

Sessions Court Adjourns To April 27th Petition Challenging Search Warrant On Parrikar’s Residence

Margao: Margao Sessions Judge PV Sawaikar today adjourned to Monday 27th April at 2.30 pm for reply and arguments on the impleadment application filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues today in the Criminal Revision petition filed by the Goa Government yesterday challenging the order of the Margao Judicial Magistrate

DGP To Look Into Police Harassment Complaint Filed By Devu Chodankar

Panjim: The state government has asked the director general of police (DGP) to look into the harassment complaint lodged by 34-year-old shipbuilding diploma engineer from Chimbel, Devu Chodankar, who was under police scanner for posting a comment against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha election campaign in 2014

Parrikar Sheltering Tailor Master But Search Of Parrikar’s Delhi Residence ‘STAYED’

Margao: Issuing a fresh five-day arrest warrant against convicted former RDA minister and Nuvem MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco on Wednesday, judicial magistrate first class (JMFC), Margao, also directed the police to search for Pacheco at 10, Akbar Road, New Delhi, official residence of Union defence minister Manohar Parrikar

Atmaram Deshpande Ordered Work Worth Rs 14 Lakhs To A Contractor Without Legal Tender

PANJIM: The Police Training School (PTS) in Valpoi is seeming to look more like a Police Graft School. Having exposed that bribes are being taken by instructors not to harass new trainees, comes another shocker. The Principal of PTS A V Deshpande had ordered electrical work Rs 14 lakhs to an electrical contractor apparently without floating any tender



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Broadway Book Publishing House-Acho Tisro Romi Konknni Kors Somplo

PONNJE: Broadway Book Publishing House-an Goeant Romi Konkani xikounk fuddarponn gheun, tisrie pavtt ghoddoun haddlolo Romi Konkani xikpacho Kors, 19 Janer ti 18 Febrer, 2015 tarik porian zalo. Hea korsant dog xikpiamni bhag ghetlo. Orth somzun Romi Konkani vachop, Romi Konkanichi mullavi utravoll, viakoronn ani bhas ulovp ho Korsacho hetu aslo

Goencho Pai – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponnsulem Kannkonn

Ali babachea challis chorano,
Korat Goenchea pai-k noman,
Tannem Goem sambaul'llem mhunn,
Tumi aiz zale mahan.......

Fondeam Dog Chorank Pulisani Dhorleat LCD TV-che Chorient

FONDEAM: Halinchea disani Goeam, Goeam bhaile eun boreoch chorio and ghoddbangalam adarunk lagleat. Kal Fondenchea pulisani Haryana ganvchea dogam zannank ottok keleat, ekleachem naum Vikas Singh, 22 vorsanchi pirai and dusro Gadiappa Hosmani 21 vorsanche piraiecho. He dogui bodmas xatir chorani ek LCD TV chorun veleli Om Logistics he karkanneantli

Sam Francis Xaviera – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Bahrain

Sam Francis Xaviera,
Goem tuven suria kela.
Goeant ravun tuven,...
Sounsarak Jezu dila

Amchem Xezarponn Ani Goenkarponn Sambhallumia – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Purnvilea kallar amche purvoz jiele ani ghele. Te jielet eka mekachea mogan. Xezari xezareager vetalet sanjechea velar ani aplo rikhamo vell sartalet khobro marun, boson bolkanvancher. Aiz amguer zalear faleam tumguer he porim te aplo xezar dhorm sambhalltalet. Hem aum sodanch mojea bhurgeaponnar polletalom jedna aum zolmolom mojea mama-lea gharant (mainchea gharant) Merxechea

Sodanch Uronk Ami Goenkar - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Hem magnnem anven boroilam khotkhotit mogan amche Avoi Goenchea. Konnak avddot ou nam avddot. Punn Goem sambhallunk amkam Goenchea Paicho adar zai.- Menino de Valpoi
Sant Francis Xaviera,
Amchea Goenchea Saiba,
Mogan tum amchea borlelea

Vatt Visron – Bor: Lino Dourado

Dis soron rat aili,
Torui tem ailem na,
Khoim tem gelem zait,
Kainch maka somzona

Goenchem Rajkaran Zalam Ek Ranvotteanchem Bhann – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goeant anik bore dis eupache nam. Goenche rajkarbari anik hea fuddem Goenkar borem kainch korpache nam. Velean zalear Goenchem nisonntonn korpache assat. Goem nopoit korpache proitn tor nettan cholta. Aiz kal Porvore aslele vidhan sobhen atam markari, moriad vibaddpi ani randancho dondo choloup bhorleat. BJP serkar tor sarkoch atha bhair pavonk lagla.

Bhurgeam Disa – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Aizchim bhurguim, fal’leanche dive,
Desache te mozbut khambe,
68 vorsam sangot jiele,
Thodde avoichea pottantuch somple

Ami Goenkar – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem, KannKonn

votontr goyche gulam ami,
Nava purte Goenche dhoni,
Tondam ami xinvleant moni,
Goenkara tuji odhrustti kanni

Rautam tuka - Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Ye mhojea darar mar,
Rautam hanv tuka,
Darak mhojea khilli nam,
Dar ugttench asa

DDON – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Goeant mojea bhorleat ddon,
Korunk soddtat nisonton,
Pistol aplem asat zokhun,
Dekun lagonam Goeant mon

Him Koslim Soungam Kortai Re Mukhel Montrea? – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goenkarank amcheam Goeant suat nam. Aiz kal amcho mukhel montri fokot vavurta aplea paltu ou poslelea petteank sambhallpak. Tacho amdar Glen Ticlo (Aldona) ani tacho apurbaiecho amdar Caitu Silva ancher jem vozonn ailam tantuntle tankam sambhallpak amcho mukhel montri Manohar Porricar zaitoch tokos gheta. Itlo teomp Porrikar nidon aslo jedna her Goenkar magtalet don nagrikponn tedna

KALLIZ DUKHI – Bor: Nessy Barbosa

Kalliz Dukhi....
Koso Visrum Tuka.....
Adle Dis, Bore Niallun Monan Mojea addtam....
Anjeam Sarke Monis Borem Korunk Vavutat Tankam Samballunk Anik Goem Rakonk..


Khoreaninch dokxinn Goenkarank mozo eok vhodd salaam (salute), kallzache khoraiek than. Amchea dokxinn-chea Goenkarani dakoun dilem Goeam passot ani aplea ganvam passot sodanch ube rautele and morosor zuztele mhunn luch’cheam ani lobadd rajnitintlea kiddeam laguim. He kidde anik dusre konn nhoim amich nivddun addlele amdar ou rajkarbari. Dokxinnchea

MONTRI XANNE VO... – Bor: Lavina Fernandes

Tiatrist palkar apli kola dakhoun porzolltat. Piddent koxttovtanam porian machier apli kola dakhoun tannim machi aiz jivi dovorlea. Khella moidonar khellgoddi porzolltat, borovopi aplea ginneanacho vapor korun dekhivont sondex pattoun porzolltat, kaim zannam udyog-dhondea vatten porzolltat, thoddim xikpa vatten toxench zaite zann duddu diun motam vikhtim ghetat


Soro pieup Goenkaranchi sonskrutai dekun tacher bondi haddunk favona mhunn Goenchea BJP fantteacho protinidhi Wilfred Mesquitan sanglem. Goeant zatolea kazarank ani her dobajeank soro vantt’tat mhunn sonskrutai mhonnum eta' Tea fuddem to mhunnta, soro divop sonskrutaiecho vantto, tacher bondi koxi ghalum eta

Muthalikacho Dollo Goencher Kiteak – Bor: P. Naik & S. D’Souza, Mapxeam

Goenkaramni adim Muthalikachim ulovpam aikun taka sarkhoch hanga eupacho bond korcho mhonn maglolem. Mukhel Montri Manohar Parrikaran taka Goeant eunkuch diunk favona, kiteak to tor taka sohokar dit zalear BJP sarkich fostoli. Ami BJP pokxacher visvas dhorun motam dileant, konnem diunk nant tem hispak dhorunk favona ani vaitt chintunk favona. Muthalika osleancho sangat dhorlo zalear



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