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Parrikar Must Not Only Profess But Show His Love For Goa by Jose Maria Miranda

Parrikar Must Not Only Profess But Show His Love For Goa by Jose Maria Miranda

It is really amazing how fiercely the political parties, whilst in the Opposition, attack the Government on certain issues, but when their turn comes to rule and prove their abilities in tackling the very same problems, they fail miserably and eventually toe the very same line of their predecessors. This was very much evident when Parrikar came to power in 2012 and now, more recently when Narendra Modi took charge at the Centre.

It was but natural for the BJP to capitalize on the blunders committed by the UPA, but they did it with such expertise that one needs to extol their organizational abilities. The way they projected themselves as the only possible saviour of the country, and the manner in which they carried out their campaign particularly through the electronic media, - which until today gives wide, if not live coverage, of every step Modi takes abroad – cannot but be admired, irrespective of our views about the Party. Modi now seems to be on a popularity hunt, hoping perhaps that the world will eventually acknowledge him as a leader of the stature of Gandhi or Nehru

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Pampering The Politicians – First Preference For Exposition

OLD GOA: It was only deep devotion to St Francis Xavier that kept them standing in line. At the side door of the Se Cathedral, hordes of pilgrims waited in the stifling heat. Several very old pilgrims too waited for their turn to venerate Goencho Saib. But the line was not moving

BJP Welcomes Goa Governor’s Adoption Of A Cow And Calf At Raj Bhavan

PANJIM: The BJP has welcomed Goa Governor Mridula Sinha's adoption of a cow and a calf, and rearing of animals on Raj Bhavan grounds. The governor used to practise cow rearing back in her home state Bihar, which she wanted to carry forward in Goa too, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Vinay Tendulkar told a news agency on Friday. "For milk it is good," Tendulkar said, when asked

HC Reserves Verdict On Former DoP Shobha Dhumaskar’s Plea In Corruption Case

PANJIM: Justice R. M. Borde of the Bombay High Court at Goa has reserved his order on the petition filed by former Director of Prosecution Mrs. Shobha Dhumaskar seeking quashing of the corruption charges she is facing under Section 13 (2) read with Sections 13 (1) (d) (i) & (ii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

Exposition Of St. Francis Xavier Opens On Saturday 22 November

PANJIM: Nearly fifty lakh pilgrims are expected to visit old Goa during the 44-day Exposition of St Francis Xavier commencing from 22 November, organisers said. Elaborate arrangements have been put in place to cater to the laity travelling to Goa from across the country and globe, convener, Exposition committee Fr Alfred Vaz said on Wednesday. He said that the Goa Archdiocese

Goa CEO Seeks Further Directions From ECI On Complaint Against Manohar Parrikar

PANJIM: Goa’s Acting Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Narayan Navti has sought further directions from the Election Commission of India ( ECI) on the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues seeking the deletion of the name of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar from the electoral roll of Panjim Assembly Constituency. As directed the CEO has forwarded to the ECI a report received

Know Your Raksha Mantri - Received by Email

GOA: PM Narendra Modi handpicked Goa’s super CM Manohar Parrikar for the all-important Defence Minister post, and since then there has been nothing but praise coming in for the man of the hour. Take a look at 9 things you may not know about him

Goa's Bihari Governor Mridula Sinha Builds ‘Ghota Ghar’ Cowshed At Raj Bhavan And Gets A Cow!

PANJIM: That's the irony human beings can go to the dogs literally in Goa, while our politicians and netas will spend the tax payers money on cows, elephants and their other pet fancies.Goa's Governor now wants to keep cows in the "Ghota Ghar" at Raj Bhavan at the Goan tax payer's expense! What next?

Police Personnel Will Have To Be Carefull Hopefully, If They Have No Godfather

PANJIM: Police personnel will now have to be careful about their approach and behaviour with the public as any complaint of misconduct or any wrongdoing can affect their promotion prospects. The vigilance cell of Goa police will maintain all such records of every policeman that will be taken into consideration at the time of promotion

Two British Passport Holders Depose Against Caitu Silva In High Court

PANJIM: Two persons holding British passports on Tuesday deposed before Bombay High Court at Goa in connection with the election petition filed against Benaulim MLA Caitu Silva for holding dual citizenship. Both the witnesses Conceisao Michael Fernandes and Monalisa D’Souza were cross examined by Caitu’s Lawyer Valmiki Menezes.

Disproportionate Assets Case Against Speaker Rajendra Arlekar: Verdict On 1st December

PANJIM: Special Judge under the Prevention of Corruption B.P Deshpande today reserved to 1st December his verdict in the disproportionate assets case filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against Rajendra Arlekar the Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly. The final arguments in the case concluded today

Vasco Rape Case – Headmistress Sharlet Furtado, Clerk Back After CBI Gives Them Clean Chit

VASCO: Almost two years later, CBI’s go ahead surprising since probe still on, PTA of the primary school wanted the headmistress, clerk back The headmistress and the clerk of the primary school, where a minor girl was sexually assaulted in the school toilet during school hours on January 14, 2013, have been reinstated in the school

Bribed By Hyatt Police Inspector Devendra Gad Slaps Fisherman

Goa A Destination For Paedophiles Running Strong As Goa Police Accept Heavy Bribes To Cover Up

PANJIM: Goa's tryst with paedophilia last made loud headlines in the 90s, with the arrest and conviction of the late Freddy Peats. But far from exiting the state, this nefarious reality is still around, say NGOs working for the welfare of children in Goa, and the abusers are no longer just foreigners. A needle of suspicion is now on male domestic tourists travelling alone

ECI Seeks Urgent Report On Complaint Seeking Deletion Of Parrikar’s Name From Panjim Electoral Roll

PANJIM: The Election Commission of India has today sought an urgent report from Goa’s Chief Electoral Officer on the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues seeking the immediate deletion of the name of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar from the electoral roll of Panjim Assembly Constituency

World Goa Day To Celebrate With The Konkani Feature Film ‘Nachom-Ia Kumpasar’ In Qatar

QATAR: Goan Welfare Association in Doha is all set to celebrate its ‘World Goa Day 2014’ with the preview of the much awaited Konkani film ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ (Let’s dance to the rhythm) on 28th November 2014 at the Royal Plaza Cinema, Al-Sadd at 4.30 p.m

ED Decides To Interrogate Radha Timblo In Mining Scam Case

PANJIM: The Enforcement Directorate probing money laundering case in the multi-crore Goa illegal mining scam has decided to interrogate managing director of a Timblo mining firm Chetan Timblo and four other executives after Radha Timblo, former managing director of the firm, was questioned for around seven hours on Tuesday. ED sources said that summons is being issued to Chetan Timblo and the four executives – Gurudas Kanekar, M R Hegde, Arvind Hadarkar and Sanjay Alberto.

Radha Timblo appeared before the investigating officer at the ED office in Patto, Panjim on Tuesday at around 11 a.m. and was allowed to go after being questioned past 6.30 p.m. She, however, did not respond to media queries while leaving the ED office. The sources said the ED has collected a lot of information from Radha Timblo. She has asked for one week’s



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Sodanch Uronk Ami Goenkar - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Hem magnnem anven boroilam khotkhotit mogan amche Avoi Goenchea. Konnak avddot ou nam avddot. Punn Goem sambhallunk amkam Goenchea Paicho adar zai.- Menino de Valpoi
Sant Francis Xaviera,
Amchea Goenchea Saiba,
Mogan tum amchea borlelea

Vatt Visron – Bor: Lino Dourado

Dis soron rat aili,
Torui tem ailem na,
Khoim tem gelem zait,
Kainch maka somzona

Goenchem Rajkaran Zalam Ek Ranvotteanchem Bhann – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goeant anik bore dis eupache nam. Goenche rajkarbari anik hea fuddem Goenkar borem kainch korpache nam. Velean zalear Goenchem nisonntonn korpache assat. Goem nopoit korpache proitn tor nettan cholta. Aiz kal Porvore aslele vidhan sobhen atam markari, moriad vibaddpi ani randancho dondo choloup bhorleat. BJP serkar tor sarkoch atha bhair pavonk lagla.

Bhurgeam Disa – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Aizchim bhurguim, fal’leanche dive,
Desache te mozbut khambe,
68 vorsam sangot jiele,
Thodde avoichea pottantuch somple

Ami Goenkar – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem, KannKonn

votontr goyche gulam ami,
Nava purte Goenche dhoni,
Tondam ami xinvleant moni,
Goenkara tuji odhrustti kanni

Rautam tuka - Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Ye mhojea darar mar,
Rautam hanv tuka,
Darak mhojea khilli nam,
Dar ugttench asa

DDON – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Goeant mojea bhorleat ddon,
Korunk soddtat nisonton,
Pistol aplem asat zokhun,
Dekun lagonam Goeant mon

Him Koslim Soungam Kortai Re Mukhel Montrea? – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goenkarank amcheam Goeant suat nam. Aiz kal amcho mukhel montri fokot vavurta aplea paltu ou poslelea petteank sambhallpak. Tacho amdar Glen Ticlo (Aldona) ani tacho apurbaiecho amdar Caitu Silva ancher jem vozonn ailam tantuntle tankam sambhallpak amcho mukhel montri Manohar Porricar zaitoch tokos gheta. Itlo teomp Porrikar nidon aslo jedna her Goenkar magtalet don nagrikponn tedna

KALLIZ DUKHI – Bor: Nessy Barbosa

Kalliz Dukhi....
Koso Visrum Tuka.....
Adle Dis, Bore Niallun Monan Mojea addtam....
Anjeam Sarke Monis Borem Korunk Vavutat Tankam Samballunk Anik Goem Rakonk..


Khoreaninch dokxinn Goenkarank mozo eok vhodd salaam (salute), kallzache khoraiek than. Amchea dokxinn-chea Goenkarani dakoun dilem Goeam passot ani aplea ganvam passot sodanch ube rautele and morosor zuztele mhunn luch’cheam ani lobadd rajnitintlea kiddeam laguim. He kidde anik dusre konn nhoim amich nivddun addlele amdar ou rajkarbari. Dokxinnchea

MONTRI XANNE VO... – Bor: Lavina Fernandes

Tiatrist palkar apli kola dakhoun porzolltat. Piddent koxttovtanam porian machier apli kola dakhoun tannim machi aiz jivi dovorlea. Khella moidonar khellgoddi porzolltat, borovopi aplea ginneanacho vapor korun dekhivont sondex pattoun porzolltat, kaim zannam udyog-dhondea vatten porzolltat, thoddim xikpa vatten toxench zaite zann duddu diun motam vikhtim ghetat


Soro pieup Goenkaranchi sonskrutai dekun tacher bondi haddunk favona mhunn Goenchea BJP fantteacho protinidhi Wilfred Mesquitan sanglem. Goeant zatolea kazarank ani her dobajeank soro vantt’tat mhunn sonskrutai mhonnum eta' Tea fuddem to mhunnta, soro divop sonskrutaiecho vantto, tacher bondi koxi ghalum eta


Goenkaramni adim Muthalikachim ulovpam aikun taka sarkhoch hanga eupacho bond korcho mhonn maglolem. Mukhel Montri Manohar Parrikaran taka Goeant eunkuch diunk favona, kiteak to tor taka sohokar dit zalear BJP sarkich fostoli. Ami BJP pokxacher visvas dhorun motam dileant, konnem diunk nant tem hispak dhorunk favona ani vaitt chintunk favona. Muthalika osleancho sangat dhorlo zalear


Goeant min bond aslolean sogllem poriavonn xant asa, roste meklle asat. Minachea udeoga vorvim Goeant iennavoll bhitor sorli ani sortali ti atam bond poddlea. Punn halinchea vorsamni minacho vavr sudarlolea iontramni korunk lagle ani zaito lok bekar zalo. Him iontram haddun udeogpotink zai toxem zomin khollavunk ani zomnintlem min uspunk sompem zalem. Dekhun hispa


Avertano Furtado aplo tenko Narendra Modik dita ani Navelechea motdarank visvasghat korta tem ugteponnim disun eta. Eka vellar to BJP-icho umedvar kai mhonn vicharlolem tednam tannem apunn BJPicho nhoi pun to opokx ravla mhonn tannem spoxtt kel’lem tacho mhaka ugddas asa. Punn aiz to kiteak Parrikaracher ani BJP-icher kiteak tharun asa tem somzunk kotthinn

BJP-CHO ZOLM ANI HETU – Bor: Felix P. Da Cruz

Goeant toxem akhea desant Lok Sobhechea venchnnukancho zor choddta. Hea venchnnukamni favtolea sorkaracher nhoich fokot fuddlia panch vorsank punn fuddarak jivit koxem zatolem tem tharlolem asa. Dekhun amchem moladik mot ditana ami umedvarakuch vollkholear purona punn tachea pokxachi zanniv amkam asunk nibel goroz. Karann, ek umedvar kitloi boro aslear, tannem


PONNJE: Anjediva zunveachi khobor internet google hacheveli kaddun uddoili mhonn gomta. Ho zunvo atam doria foujechea tabeant poddla, tannim thoim aplem ‘Sea Bird’ bandlam. Thoim adli Igorz asa, ti Zhorinche Saibinnink bhettoil’li, dor vorsa Febrerache 2rer Saibinnichi porob somarombhtale; Goencho xembhoreamni lok Anjediva vetalo. Punn atam thoim foujen lokak ghena zaunk nirnnoi ghetla


PONNJE: BJPcho Prodhan Montri zaupacho Narendra Modi Goeam ailo ani ek vhodd urponz tache pattlean aili and zomatek ajir zali. Punn lokak fottounk RSS ache vangddi burka ghalun musolman bhailanchea bhesant te zomatik aile Goenkarank



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