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Mess At Dona Paula Circle – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

Mess At Dona Paula Circle – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

In the name of modification of Dona Paula circle work assigned by the Government is in shabby state, people cannot walk in this area and cannot bread fresh air. There are no proper plans nor any coordination with the Traffic Police. Nobody knows what kind of modification or development is going on. This circle is dug up in all fronts and people are fed up of this mess as there is lots of dust all over the Dona Paula area.

Tourists are also creating garbage and messing up the place. Residents of Dona Paula are disgusted of all what is going on here. By putting concrete on the road around the circle after excavation was not required and it is not known what the government is going to achieve. It is just to give business for these contractors? Lots of money is siphoning in the name of modification

Goa - Current Affairs

HC Censures Eoc Over Shoddy Probe Into Kamakshi Forex Scam: May Transfer Case To CBI

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice F. M. Reis and Justice Nutan Sardessai today strongly censured the Economic Offences Cell (EOC) of the Goa Police over the very lax probe into the multi crore scam involving Margao based Kamakshi Forex owned by Nilesh Raikar

Nerul Comunidade Alleges That 28 Houses Have Been Illegally Constructed On Comunidade Land

Calangute: The attorney of Nerul Comunidade has alleged that 28 houses have been illegally constructed on parcels of Comunidade land at Fortawaddo with the blessings of politicians. Romana Cordo, the attorney, said the 28 houses which have been constructed illegally over the years on Comunidade land in the same area are also in the process of being regularised

AAP Declares The Release Of Localised Manifesto For Goans

Panjim: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has declared that it will release localised manifestos for each constituency of Goa. While the party will design the documents bearing in mind constituency-specific problems, it will also come out with a manifesto for the entire state

St Estavão Locals Oppose Illegal Land Acquisition By Communal BJP Govt.

Panjim: Villagers and members of the Comunidade of Jua, St Estevão came out in large numbers to oppose the ‘illegal acquisition’ and development of Comunidade land (Tollem Xeth) into a playground

Elvis Is Relieved After Three Months Of His Seeking Voluntary Retirement

Panjim: The government has relieved inspector general of prisons Elvis P Gomes three months after he sought voluntary retirement from government service. Gomes, who also held additional charge of director of municipal administration, will be relieved on September 27, said a personnel department order

Denyse Sweeney’s Murder Case Is Being Closed By Corrupt Law System Of India

Panjim: Just days after two persons were acquitted in the high-profile death case of British teenager Scarlett Keeling, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has submitted a closure report in yet another suspicious death of a British national it was investigating. A Senior Officer of Special Crime

Pigmy Laxmicant Parsecar Threatens To Use Weapons Against The People If They Protest Against Mobile Towers

Margao: Expressing shock at Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar’s threat of “ using weapons” against people protesting against mobile towers, Navelim locals said such a statement amounts to subversion of democracy. Villagers present at the Navelim Civic & Consumers Forum monthly meeting also noted that the Parsekar’s is only concerned about a few foreign delegates and is least

Roy Naik Are For The Hushing Away With Murder Of Scarlet Keeling Helped By IO Nelson Albuquerque

Panjim: A distraught Fiona MacKeown, mother of Scarlett Keeling, whose semi-nude body was found on the Anjuna Beach in February 2008, hit out at the then home minister Ravi Naik, his son Roy Naik, and prime witness Michael Mannion alias Mike Masala and held them accountable for the 'not guilty' verdict. Calling Mannion a coward, she said, "He lives just an hour from London. It would have taken him very little.....

Corrupt Indian Judiciary Acquits Two Rapists & Murderers Of British Teen Scarlet Keeling

Panjim: Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho were charged with drugging, raping and leaving her unconscious on the beach in Goa where she subsequently drowned. Two men have been cleared of killing British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling in India seven years ago. Local men Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho were charged with drugging, raping and leaving her unconscious on the beach

GHRC Petitioned Over Cops Being Made To Work Long Hours And Under Inhuman Conditions

Panjim: A complaint has been filed before the Goa Human Rights Commission by Adv. Aires Rodrigues over policemen being made to work very long hours amidst pathetic and very appalling working conditions. Pointing out that most policemen get a break only after many days of work, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that this has been taking a toll on their personal lives

BJP Govt Of Goa Issues Letter Of Award For Mopa Airport

Panjim: GMR Airports Limited, on Tuesday, gave its acceptance to the letter of award issued by the state government to it for the construction of the international greenfield airport at Mopa, which is estimated to cost over 4,500 crore. The state government issued the letter of award on Saturday. Director, directorate of civil aviation Suresh Shanbhogue told the TOI that the state government has received

HC Declines Interrim Relief To Beach Cleaning Contractor On Lokayukta’s Order

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice F.M.Reis and Justice Nutan Sardessai today declined to grant any interim relief to the beach cleaning contractor Bhumika Cleantech Services Pvt Ltd who has challenged the order passed last month by the Goa Lokayukta. The Court has fixed the matter for final hearing on 4th October while making

Tourism Impact Assessments Need Drawing Up Master Plan & Policy By CRT

Panjim: A more democratic process, with the voices of people affected by tourism, and a study of carrying capacities and tourism impact assessments is needed to drawing up the master plan and tourism policy, Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT) and Equations said on Wednesday

HC Adjourns To Sept 21 Beach Cleaning Contractors’s Challenge To Lokayukta’s Order

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice F.M.Reis and Justice Nutan Sardessai today adjourned to September 21st the further hearing on the petition filed by the beach cleaning contractor Bhumika Cleantech Services Pvt Ltd challenging the order passed last month by the Goa Lokayukta

HC Adjourns To Sept 21 Beach Cleaning Contractors’s Challenge To Lokayukta’s Order

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice F.M.Reis and Justice Nutan Sardessai today adjourned to September 21st the further hearing on the petition filed by the beach cleaning contractor Bhumika Cleantech Services Pvt Ltd challenging the order passed last month by the Goa Lokayukta

Non Goan, A Bihari Shoots & Kills A Goan Girl

Ponda: Marcaim was witness to another murder on Thursday evening, bringing back 14-year-old memories of the Tanuja Naik murder case. She was killed by two youths from north India. Tension ran high in the village after Sujata Gokuldas Naik, 19, a first year BA student at the Candola government college, was allegedly shot dead by Nikhil Kumar, 19, a native of Bihar, at her residence in Ladewada



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15 Agost Amchi Dhormachi Vhoddvik - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Agostachi kouthik 15 tarik
Amkam ho dis bhou iadostik
Aichea disa sorg ugtto zalo
Saibinn Maink Sorguincho Darvontto ugtto kelo

Boroinar Ani Director – Bor: Fr. Saluzinho Vaz

Amchea kaim Taitrant boroinar ani director astat je acting korinant, fokot poilo Tiatr boroilea uprant magir pordhea fattlean ravon Tiatr direct kortat, zor zaite boroinar ani director actingui kortat zalear. Atam Jezuk khursar marlo tednam, Judevamche vhoddill zannim Jezuk khursar marunk ek bhaxen Tiatr boroilo mhonghe plann kelo ani magir tho plann 'execute' kelo

Ailelem Marekar Tufan Nopoit Korunk Amchich Amkam Goroz asa – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Marekar tufan ailam amcher Goenkarancher ani tem nopoit korunk amkam amchich goroz assa. Amkam goroz nam hea fotting ani fottkire somajik vavurpeanchi. Te aplim bolsam borunk amkam Goenkarank fottoitat ani he zaun assa dhongui somajik vavurpi. Padri Bismarque-achea nanvan te choriamb poixe gheunk bhonvtat ani lobadd budhini poixe ekttaim korunk vavurtat

Madda Mhojea Bhogos Mhaka! - Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Purai Goenchea sorvbhontinnim,madd madd madd,
Madd Goenkaranchea mogacho ani sonskrutayechem zhadd,
Madd nhoi zhadd,hem pixeaponn uloitollea guineanam vad,
Madd-ak tumi okman kella, thodo tumcho vell urla, madd tumkam udoitta add.

Father Bismarque Tuzo Ugddas Kortam – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Atanchea choranchea and dhormvaddeanchea rajeant
Tum vavurloi and zuzloi samballunk amkam Goeant
Tuka marun uddoilo eun eka nisteachea vhoddeant
Markorank addunk te ghele xezarchea nongrant

Khattli-Pottli Ghevun Rostear Bonva – Bor: Diogo Lazar Pereira, Oman

Kitem ami korpachem?
Fokot bolkavant bosun kop marpachem
Bountonim kitem goddta, konank nam poddpachem
Hem zaun ghelam Jivit Goenkaranchem

Kitem Ami Korpachem – Boroupi Menino Fernandes, Editor Niz Goenkar

Goem amchem zaddam maddanchem
Sogle dongor foddun chinank lokonn kelem
Tea bhair panam khavun thukun kelam burxem
Roddonakat hem amkanch lagon zalam oxem

Kandea Pai Kandea Pai – Bor: Pascoal De Chicalim

Kandea pai Kandea pai kiteak rodoitai,
Disandis marog zatai, dollean dukham hadtai,
Kandea pai, tuje vinn jevonn koxim randtelim gai,
Aiz kal tujich soglle kortat apurbai

Romi Konknnicho Vell Pikla… Punn Fuddari Azunui Tornnech Asat! – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Oi! Romi Konknnicho vell pikla! Sarkoch pikla! Kednam? Atam! Az! Hea disamni! Fattlea tin-chear satolleamni! Goeant mullavem xikxonn Konknni (Devnagori lipientlean) vo Moratthi bhaxentlean zata taka Goencho sorkar onudan dita. Goeant, Igorjechea ‘Archdiocesan Board of Education’-a khal jea iskolamni mullavem xikxonn Inglez madyomantlean zata, taka-i sorkar onudan dita. Inglez

Adeus Mahaan Goemkarak! – Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Hi Kovita Anven Bhettoilea Tiracolchea Kalljidar Putak, Sorgest Domnic Pereirak
The poem is dedicated to the soul of daring Tiracolkar,late Domnic Pereira.
Zuzari tum goemkar,
Zuzlo zuza mollar,

Romi Konknnicher Kiteak ‘Maldisanv’ Poddlam? – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

1987 vorsa Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi saddi nhesoun pas kortoch, Romi Konknnicher onit zali mhonn Romi lipientlean Konknni kodde jiva-bhavacho som’bond aslole choddfoddle ani dukovle. Tea uprant, ‘Romi Konknnicher onit zalia’ ho vixoi gheun rajkornniamni aplem sadoilem, thodde azunui sadoitat ani kaloitat. Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi polli

Broadway Book Publishing House-Acho Tisro Romi Konknni Kors Somplo

PONNJE: Broadway Book Publishing House-an Goeant Romi Konkani xikounk fuddarponn gheun, tisrie pavtt ghoddoun haddlolo Romi Konkani xikpacho Kors, 19 Janer ti 18 Febrer, 2015 tarik porian zalo. Hea korsant dog xikpiamni bhag ghetlo. Orth somzun Romi Konkani vachop, Romi Konkanichi mullavi utravoll, viakoronn ani bhas ulovp ho Korsacho hetu aslo

Goencho Pai – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponnsulem Kannkonn

Ali babachea challis chorano,
Korat Goenchea pai-k noman,
Tannem Goem sambaul'llem mhunn,
Tumi aiz zale mahan.......

Fondeam Dog Chorank Pulisani Dhorleat LCD TV-che Chorient

FONDEAM: Halinchea disani Goeam, Goeam bhaile eun boreoch chorio and ghoddbangalam adarunk lagleat. Kal Fondenchea pulisani Haryana ganvchea dogam zannank ottok keleat, ekleachem naum Vikas Singh, 22 vorsanchi pirai and dusro Gadiappa Hosmani 21 vorsanche piraiecho. He dogui bodmas xatir chorani ek LCD TV chorun veleli Om Logistics he karkanneantli

Sam Francis Xaviera – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Bahrain

Sam Francis Xaviera,
Goem tuven suria kela.
Goeant ravun tuven,...
Sounsarak Jezu dila

Amchem Xezarponn Ani Goenkarponn Sambhallumia – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Purnvilea kallar amche purvoz jiele ani ghele. Te jielet eka mekachea mogan. Xezari xezareager vetalet sanjechea velar ani aplo rikhamo vell sartalet khobro marun, boson bolkanvancher. Aiz amguer zalear faleam tumguer he porim te aplo xezar dhorm sambhalltalet. Hem aum sodanch mojea bhurgeaponnar polletalom jedna aum zolmolom mojea mama-lea gharant (mainchea gharant) Merxechea

Sodanch Uronk Ami Goenkar - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Hem magnnem anven boroilam khotkhotit mogan amche Avoi Goenchea. Konnak avddot ou nam avddot. Punn Goem sambhallunk amkam Goenchea Paicho adar zai.- Menino de Valpoi
Sant Francis Xaviera,
Amchea Goenchea Saiba,
Mogan tum amchea borlelea

Vatt Visron – Bor: Lino Dourado

Dis soron rat aili,
Torui tem ailem na,
Khoim tem gelem zait,
Kainch maka somzona



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