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AAP The New Emerging Force In Goa? - by Nixon Fernandes

AAP The New Emerging Force In Goa? - by Nixon Fernandes

The one meeting that AAP took in Pasnjim has rattled not only Political parties but even political pundits of the state. There is so much negative publicity for AAP on print and social media and even to the level of accusation by Dy. Speaker who is yet to recover from his heart attack and is advised rest but choose to attack AAP, looks like the Wagh wants to roar, but kindly take precaution and get well first.

The AAP party is being crucified even before the final judgement. Well every political party can have their opinion about AAP but terming them as bhailee (outsiders) is not appropriate coz even the BJP and Congress are not Goan parties and people of Goa have given BJP the mandate to rule for 5 years and currently they are in power inspite of being a Bhailee party. If today AAP has succeeded in making its entry in Goa then it's basically Coz of the divided stand of our regional parties. Every elections we have new regional parties who win one or two seats and then go and join either the congress or the BJP. Ultimately leading to its own downfall

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Margao JMFC Acquits Railway Porters Booked By Inspector Dattaguru Sawant

Panjim: In a major setback and embarrassment to Senior Crime Branch Police Inspector Dattguru Sawant the Margao Judicial Magistrate First Class Vijayalaxmi Shivolkar has acquitted the two Margao Railway Station porters Mohammed Samsher Alam Sayyed and Mohammed Abass Sayyed who were in 2013 booked by him for allegedly selling substandard helmets

Arvind Kejriwal: Parrikar Fooled The People Of Goa With His Poll Promises

Panjim: After addressing a massive rally in Campal Ground Goa, Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday confirmed that the party will contest Assembly elections in Goa scheduled to be held in 2017. Kejriwal tweeted: AAP will fight elections in Goa. Stating that AAP is the only hope of corruption free Goa, Kejriwal said, “We are not A/B teams. We are C team to finish Criminals, Corruption, Communalism.”

New Wheel-Chair Friendly Taxis Now Operational In Goa

Panjim: Leaving the confines of one's home is something many wheelchair users can only dream of. But, their dream will soon become a reality, with Umoja promoting the state's first wheelchair-friendly taxi in the state and even managing to find a taxi driver, Sainath Pednekar of Nerul, willing to take the plunge.

Jinga Mami Mauvin Godinho Will Contest On BJP Ticket From Dabolim, MGP Moves Elsewhere

Panjim: Congress Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho announced on Saturday that he will quit the Congress party and contest the next assembly elections from Dabolim on the BJP ticket. "I am not with the Congress. I will join the BJP to contest on its ticket," Godinho said, adding that he has been consistent on this stand

Rapist Bailed Out And Is Defended By A Money Making Lawyer & Parking Attendant Dattaguru Sawant?

Panjim: Goa legislator Atanasio Monserratte, who was arrested for allegedly buying and raping a minor girl, has been granted bail by a local court on Wednesday. District and Sessions Judge Pramod Kamat granted bail to Monserratte, and also the girl's mother and another woman, Rosy Ferros, arrested for allegedly selling her to the MLA for Rs 50 lakh

Congress Leader Terms AAP In Goa As B Team Of Communal BJP

Panjim: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Wednesday termed AAP as a "B team of BJP" and alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had links with the RSS. "AAP is a B team of BJP. The party leader Arvind Kejriwal has strong links with the Sangh

Purumentachem Fest Celebrated With Zeal By Faithfull Crowding The Church

Panjim: Even before the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, the faithful began thronging Holy Spirit Church, Margao, just as they do by the hundreds each year, to celebrate the feast of the Holy Spirit Church popularly known as the 'Purumentachem Fest' where people stock up on essential items including dry fish and eatables in anticipation of the monsoon. This year was special because the parish's 450th year anniversary

Pontoon Causes More And More Harm As It Goes On Sinking Deeper

Cansaulim: Villagers have alleged that the grounded pontoon , Bhagirath , at Arossim is sinking deeper in the sand and that the waves are sweeping over it in the surf zone more easily than in the past few days. With the commencement of pre-monsoon activity, the intensity of wind and wave activity has increased and the powerful wind-driven waves are battering the vessel with a broken hull

AAP Rally Was Kicked Off Led By Bollywood Actor Gul Panag

Panjim: To provide a groundswell and boost momentum for the party ahead of the scheduled public rally by national convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday kicked off a bike rally led by Bollywood actor Gul Panag

BJP MLAs And Senior Functionaries In Their Three-Day Training Session

Panjim: BJP MLAs and senior functionaries in their three-day training session which started on Sunday at Uttan , North Mumbai, will ideate on strategy for assembly elections besides receiving a pep talk on party ideology. Normally, such sessions are conducted yearly, and sometimes every six months and which all BJP legislators, other party leaders and office functionaries

Slow Pace Of Spadework To Remove The Pontoon Grounded On Arossim Beach

Cansaulim: The slow pace of spadework to remove the pontoon grounded on Arossim beach for almost a month has irked villagers, as they allege an official recommendation for its early disposal to prevent further damage has been treated lightly. A committee of government officials from various departments had submitted a report after a joint inspection on May 6, 2016, stating t

Beach Parties Patronised By Anti-Elements

Panjim: "Beach parties" in coastal Goa, which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, are patronised by "anti-elements", are illegal and cannot be permitted by law, state Art and Culture Minister Dayanand Mandrekar said on Friday. "Beach parties are not permitted by law," he told reporters on the sidelines of a function related to devotional songs. "Beach parties are organised in our constituencies.

Anubha Crowned 16th GWA May Queen

Qatar: The 16th May Queen Award by the Goan Welfare Association (GWA) went to Anubha at the recent May Queen Ball at Radisson Blu. She was crowned by Shivaji Satam, known for his role of ACP Pradyuman in the long-running Indian detective series CID. Samantha Trindade bagged the first runner-up award, while Bryna was chosen as the second runnerup

Uneducated Ex-Education Minister Supported By One Of His Slave Police Officer Of Panjim Police Station

Panjim: The Goa Police Crime Branch, investigating the rape case against St Cruz MLA Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate, has now asked for an explanation from Panjim Police for the delay in registering the FIR against Monserrate. Sources in the Panjim Police have informed that Crime Branch Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap (IPS) has asked for an explanation from

AAP: Do not Destroy Goenkarponn

Panjim: Fishing is a natural process, industrial fishing in Goa will not do, said AAP Goa Secretary, Valmiki Naik. He was speaking at the agitation held by the traditional fishermen of Goa in protest of the government's failure to impose a ban on the use of LED lights and bull trawling while fishing

AAP Asks PWD To Ensure Salcete Gets Safe Drinking Water

Margao: The Aam Admi Party (AAP) has asked the public works department (PWD) to get its act together and ensure that consumers get safe drinking water. A delegation of AAP leaders led by Goa convenor Rajeshree Nagarsekar and comprising of Rashid Sousa, Neri Fernandes, Arvind Naik, Patricia Fernandes and Roque Mascarenhas, on Friday, submitted a memorandum to



    John R. leatao, Vasco. : this A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim is a ????? Goan, just writing for writing s Read Article >>

    John R. leatao, Vasco. : this A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim is a ????? Goan. just writing for writing s Read Article >>

    John R. leatao, Vasco. : this A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim is a ????? Goan, just writing for writing s Read Article >>

    John R. leatao, Vasco. : this A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim is a ????? Goan. just writing for writing s Read Article >>

    Anonymous the VIII : Comments by dim wits are ignored. They do not affect people in the know. The dim Read Article >>

    stephen dias : I did not get heart attack but ByPass, I do not know what Menino got. Dy. Spea Read Article >>

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    Tony : I believe the job of every politician is to wash dirty linen in public of the ot Read Article >>

    Rupesh : Roxas, your comments are descent and to the point, unlike the dictator Anonymous Read Article >>

    Roxas : Also, whoever cheated the Goans in the past is irrelevant and nothing is going t Read Article >>


Boroinar Ani Director – Bor: Fr. Saluzinho Vaz

Amchea kaim Taitrant boroinar ani director astat je acting korinant, fokot poilo Tiatr boroilea uprant magir pordhea fattlean ravon Tiatr direct kortat, zor zaite boroinar ani director actingui kortat zalear. Atam Jezuk khursar marlo tednam, Judevamche vhoddill zannim Jezuk khursar marunk ek bhaxen Tiatr boroilo mhonghe plann kelo ani magir tho plann 'execute' kelo

Ailelem Marekar Tufan Nopoit Korunk Amchich Amkam Goroz asa – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Marekar tufan ailam amcher Goenkarancher ani tem nopoit korunk amkam amchich goroz assa. Amkam goroz nam hea fotting ani fottkire somajik vavurpeanchi. Te aplim bolsam borunk amkam Goenkarank fottoitat ani he zaun assa dhongui somajik vavurpi. Padri Bismarque-achea nanvan te choriamb poixe gheunk bhonvtat ani lobadd budhini poixe ekttaim korunk vavurtat

Madda Mhojea Bhogos Mhaka! - Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Purai Goenchea sorvbhontinnim,madd madd madd,
Madd Goenkaranchea mogacho ani sonskrutayechem zhadd,
Madd nhoi zhadd,hem pixeaponn uloitollea guineanam vad,
Madd-ak tumi okman kella, thodo tumcho vell urla, madd tumkam udoitta add.

Father Bismarque Tuzo Ugddas Kortam – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Atanchea choranchea and dhormvaddeanchea rajeant
Tum vavurloi and zuzloi samballunk amkam Goeant
Tuka marun uddoilo eun eka nisteachea vhoddeant
Markorank addunk te ghele xezarchea nongrant

Khattli-Pottli Ghevun Rostear Bonva – Bor: Diogo Lazar Pereira, Oman

Kitem ami korpachem?
Fokot bolkavant bosun kop marpachem
Bountonim kitem goddta, konank nam poddpachem
Hem zaun ghelam Jivit Goenkaranchem

Kitem Ami Korpachem – Boroupi Menino Fernandes, Editor Niz Goenkar

Goem amchem zaddam maddanchem
Sogle dongor foddun chinank lokonn kelem
Tea bhair panam khavun thukun kelam burxem
Roddonakat hem amkanch lagon zalam oxem

Kandea Pai Kandea Pai – Bor: Pascoal De Chicalim

Kandea pai Kandea pai kiteak rodoitai,
Disandis marog zatai, dollean dukham hadtai,
Kandea pai, tuje vinn jevonn koxim randtelim gai,
Aiz kal tujich soglle kortat apurbai

Romi Konknnicho Vell Pikla… Punn Fuddari Azunui Tornnech Asat! – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Oi! Romi Konknnicho vell pikla! Sarkoch pikla! Kednam? Atam! Az! Hea disamni! Fattlea tin-chear satolleamni! Goeant mullavem xikxonn Konknni (Devnagori lipientlean) vo Moratthi bhaxentlean zata taka Goencho sorkar onudan dita. Goeant, Igorjechea ‘Archdiocesan Board of Education’-a khal jea iskolamni mullavem xikxonn Inglez madyomantlean zata, taka-i sorkar onudan dita. Inglez

Adeus Mahaan Goemkarak! – Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Hi Kovita Anven Bhettoilea Tiracolchea Kalljidar Putak, Sorgest Domnic Pereirak
The poem is dedicated to the soul of daring Tiracolkar,late Domnic Pereira.
Zuzari tum goemkar,
Zuzlo zuza mollar,

Romi Konknnicher Kiteak ‘Maldisanv’ Poddlam? – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

1987 vorsa Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi saddi nhesoun pas kortoch, Romi Konknnicher onit zali mhonn Romi lipientlean Konknni kodde jiva-bhavacho som’bond aslole choddfoddle ani dukovle. Tea uprant, ‘Romi Konknnicher onit zalia’ ho vixoi gheun rajkornniamni aplem sadoilem, thodde azunui sadoitat ani kaloitat. Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi polli

Broadway Book Publishing House-Acho Tisro Romi Konknni Kors Somplo

PONNJE: Broadway Book Publishing House-an Goeant Romi Konkani xikounk fuddarponn gheun, tisrie pavtt ghoddoun haddlolo Romi Konkani xikpacho Kors, 19 Janer ti 18 Febrer, 2015 tarik porian zalo. Hea korsant dog xikpiamni bhag ghetlo. Orth somzun Romi Konkani vachop, Romi Konkanichi mullavi utravoll, viakoronn ani bhas ulovp ho Korsacho hetu aslo

Goencho Pai – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponnsulem Kannkonn

Ali babachea challis chorano,
Korat Goenchea pai-k noman,
Tannem Goem sambaul'llem mhunn,
Tumi aiz zale mahan.......

Fondeam Dog Chorank Pulisani Dhorleat LCD TV-che Chorient

FONDEAM: Halinchea disani Goeam, Goeam bhaile eun boreoch chorio and ghoddbangalam adarunk lagleat. Kal Fondenchea pulisani Haryana ganvchea dogam zannank ottok keleat, ekleachem naum Vikas Singh, 22 vorsanchi pirai and dusro Gadiappa Hosmani 21 vorsanche piraiecho. He dogui bodmas xatir chorani ek LCD TV chorun veleli Om Logistics he karkanneantli

Sam Francis Xaviera – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Bahrain

Sam Francis Xaviera,
Goem tuven suria kela.
Goeant ravun tuven,...
Sounsarak Jezu dila

Amchem Xezarponn Ani Goenkarponn Sambhallumia – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Purnvilea kallar amche purvoz jiele ani ghele. Te jielet eka mekachea mogan. Xezari xezareager vetalet sanjechea velar ani aplo rikhamo vell sartalet khobro marun, boson bolkanvancher. Aiz amguer zalear faleam tumguer he porim te aplo xezar dhorm sambhalltalet. Hem aum sodanch mojea bhurgeaponnar polletalom jedna aum zolmolom mojea mama-lea gharant (mainchea gharant) Merxechea

Sodanch Uronk Ami Goenkar - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Hem magnnem anven boroilam khotkhotit mogan amche Avoi Goenchea. Konnak avddot ou nam avddot. Punn Goem sambhallunk amkam Goenchea Paicho adar zai.- Menino de Valpoi
Sant Francis Xaviera,
Amchea Goenchea Saiba,
Mogan tum amchea borlelea

Vatt Visron – Bor: Lino Dourado

Dis soron rat aili,
Torui tem ailem na,
Khoim tem gelem zait,
Kainch maka somzona

Goenchem Rajkaran Zalam Ek Ranvotteanchem Bhann – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goeant anik bore dis eupache nam. Goenche rajkarbari anik hea fuddem Goenkar borem kainch korpache nam. Velean zalear Goenchem nisonntonn korpache assat. Goem nopoit korpache proitn tor nettan cholta. Aiz kal Porvore aslele vidhan sobhen atam markari, moriad vibaddpi ani randancho dondo choloup bhorleat. BJP serkar tor sarkoch atha bhair pavonk lagla.



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