Wednesday, July 29, 2015
THE GOAN UK FESTIVAL 2 August 2015: Buses will be leaving from Swindon between 10:30 and 11:454 AM. Swindon Goans can contact Cedric Fernandes on 07715948683/07438807941 and Monty on 078401325121. The buses will be returning back from the venue from 7:15 pm and 8:30 pm
When The Law Minister Did Not Uphold The Law by Aires Rodrigues

When The Law Minister Did Not Uphold The Law by Aires Rodrigues

The cowboy style high-handed and illegal outing to Sada jail yesterday led by Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza to see their convicted colleague Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco was outrageous and needs to be condemned as it has sent a wrong message to the law abiding citizens.

Nobody can have any issue with anyone visiting a convict in jail. But the VIP manner in which this entourage entered the jail yesterday has raised one eye brow too many. Firstly, Monday is not a jail visiting day with no visits to any inmate allowed. Even on a visiting day, no visits are allowed after 5 pm but this rule was also breached by the Deputy Chief Minister who also happens to be the Law Minister. When anyone visits an inmate the jailor has to be present and be witness

Goa - Current Affairs

Churchill Alemao Summoned By Crime Branch Over Bribe Taken From Louis Berger Inc

Panjim: While the crime branch of the Goa police had summoned both, former CM Digambar Kamat and former PWD minister Churchill Alemao in connection with the Louis Berger bribery case, it questioned only Alemao on Tuesday, asking Kamat to be present at the Ribandar office on Wednesday

Churchill Forces His Declaration Of Being Still Strongman Of South

Margao: The bribery charge in the JICA project case notwithstanding, former lawmaker Churchill Alemao is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law. The 66-year-old South Goa political heavyweight once spent some time at the Aguada central jail, after he surrendered in a smuggling case. The year was 1991. The day, May 16—his 42nd birthday. A lone customs officer, Costao Fernandes

GHRC Asks Govt To Provide Mobile Toilets For Cops On Assembly Duty

Panjim: The Goa Human Rights Commission today told the government to immediately provide mobile toilets for the use of police personnel posted on duty around the Goa Legislative Complex for the assembly session. When the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues over the alleged inhuman treatment being meted out to the police staff came up for hearing today the Government advocate appearing

Large Fight Breaks Out Near To Swindon Goan Festival

Swindon: Police officers were called in to break up a fight at the County Ground car park in the early hours of Sunday morning. Now, police are appealing for witnesses to come forward. The fight broke out at around 1am on Sunday 19 July, leaving a number of people injured – including one with a large gash to the head and a shoulder injury

Louis Berger International Inc’s Involvement On Airport Projects Under Govt Scanner

Bombay: Louis Berger International Inc's involvement as consultant on airport projects in Navi Mumbai and Goa has come under the government's scanner following its admission to US authorities that employees paid bribes to officials in order to win contracts in India. The company told ET that the allegations of wrongdoing only pertained to water projects in Goa and Guwahati. The New Jersey-based

Goan Politician Received Huge Bribes From Louis Berger International Inc

Panjim: Former Louis Berger official James McClung, who has pleaded guilty to a US court for paying $ 976,630 in bribes to a yet-unnamed Goa politician and officials in 2010 for a multi-billion dollar water and sewage management project, was also the points man for another project, the Rs. 3000 crore worth Mopa Greenfield airport in Goa

Inhuman Treatment To Cops On Assembly Duty: Ghrc Issues Notice To CS And DGP

Panjim: The Goa Human Rights Commission today issued notice to the Chief Secretary and Director of General of Police on a complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues over the alleged inhuman treatment being meted out to the police staff posted on duty around the Goa Legislative Complex for the assembly session commencing today

Nagounno Posorkar Parrikar Grabs 6 Lakh Square Metres Of Goa’s Land For Defence Ministry

Panjim: Literally dictated by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, the Goa government, through the Goa Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), has approved allocation of 150 acres of land to the Defence Ministry on a permanent basis for organizing the Defexpo and Aero India shows. The decision was taken at GIDC’s board meeting held on Friday. The land, which works out to about 6 lakh square metres

FORCE Vows To Proceed With Their 19 Day Long Chain Hunger Strike From 27 July

Margao: Following the unsuccessful meeting held earlier this week with chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar, the Forum For Rights Of Children's Education (FORCE) on Saturday vowed to proceed with their 19-day-long chain hunger strike from July 27 onwards at Azad Maidan, Panjim

Goa CM Laxmikant Parsekar Promoting Us Fugitive Alleges Aires

Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today accused Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar of promoting and supporting a US fugitive Subhakar Rao to do nefarious activites in Goa under the guise of investment in tourism related projects. Addressing a press conference in the city, Adv. Aires Rodrigues alleged that Subhakar Rao the Chairman of Champions Group who has been in Goa for the last few years

Inhuman Treatment To Cops On Assembly Duty To Be Raised Before GHRC

Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today stated that he would tomorrow raise before the Goa Human Rights Commission the inhuman treatment that will be meted out to the over 200 policemen who would be posted on duty around the Goa Legislative Complex in view of the assembly session commencing tomorrow

IG Prisons Seeks Legal Opinion On Tailor Mickky Pacheco’s Parole Plea

Panjim: The Inspector General of Prisons has sought the opinion of the Law department on Jailed Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco’s application that he be granted parole to attend the ensuing session of the Goa Legislative Assembly scheduled to start on July 27th. The former Minister in his application on Thursday night has stated that he desires to attend the session as he has tabled a lot of questions

Probe Sought Into Fradulent Loan Obtained By Industries Minister Mahadev Naik

Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has sought an immediate probe against the 30 lakh fraudulent loan obtained by Goa’s Industries Minister Mahadev Naik. Mahadev Naik is accused of committing a major fraud by taking a government loan of 30 lakhs for housing but then illegally utilizing it for buying commercial property in Ponda

Mickky Pacheco Seeks Parole To Attend Assembly Session

Panjim: Jailed Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco has last night submitted an application to the Superintendent of Sada Jail seeking that he be granted parole to attend the ensuing session of the Goa Legislative Assembly scheduled to start on July 27th. The former Minister in his application has stated that he desires to attend the session as he has tabled a lot of questions

Cheating Case Against Manohar Parrikar: Adjourned To 29th August

Panjim: Panjim Chief Judicial Magistrate Ashley Noronha on Friday adjourned to August 29th the hearing of the cheating case filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Nilesh Amonker Managing Partner of Apex Computer and Engineering Services. Adv. Saresh Lotlikar who the government has appointed as Special Public Prosecutor was absent

GFDO Hits Out Against Mopa Airport Project

Panjim: Referring to the Louis Berger bribery scam, Goans For Dabolim Only (GFDO) on Thursday hit out against the Mopa airport project. The organisation that has been questioning the feasibility of the airport has now asked that the project not only be scraped but also investigated thoroughly. “Since the credibility and integrity of Louis Berger has been called into question, its technical report should also come



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Adeus Mahaan Goemkarak! – Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Hi Kovita Anven Bhettoilea Tiracolchea Kalljidar Putak, Sorgest Domnic Pereirak
The poem is dedicated to the soul of daring Tiracolkar,late Domnic Pereira.
Zuzari tum goemkar,
Zuzlo zuza mollar,

Romi Konknnicher Kiteak ‘Maldisanv’ Poddlam? – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

1987 vorsa Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi saddi nhesoun pas kortoch, Romi Konknnicher onit zali mhonn Romi lipientlean Konknni kodde jiva-bhavacho som’bond aslole choddfoddle ani dukovle. Tea uprant, ‘Romi Konknnicher onit zalia’ ho vixoi gheun rajkornniamni aplem sadoilem, thodde azunui sadoitat ani kaloitat. Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi polli

Broadway Book Publishing House-Acho Tisro Romi Konknni Kors Somplo

PONNJE: Broadway Book Publishing House-an Goeant Romi Konkani xikounk fuddarponn gheun, tisrie pavtt ghoddoun haddlolo Romi Konkani xikpacho Kors, 19 Janer ti 18 Febrer, 2015 tarik porian zalo. Hea korsant dog xikpiamni bhag ghetlo. Orth somzun Romi Konkani vachop, Romi Konkanichi mullavi utravoll, viakoronn ani bhas ulovp ho Korsacho hetu aslo

Goencho Pai – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponnsulem Kannkonn

Ali babachea challis chorano,
Korat Goenchea pai-k noman,
Tannem Goem sambaul'llem mhunn,
Tumi aiz zale mahan.......

Fondeam Dog Chorank Pulisani Dhorleat LCD TV-che Chorient

FONDEAM: Halinchea disani Goeam, Goeam bhaile eun boreoch chorio and ghoddbangalam adarunk lagleat. Kal Fondenchea pulisani Haryana ganvchea dogam zannank ottok keleat, ekleachem naum Vikas Singh, 22 vorsanchi pirai and dusro Gadiappa Hosmani 21 vorsanche piraiecho. He dogui bodmas xatir chorani ek LCD TV chorun veleli Om Logistics he karkanneantli

Sam Francis Xaviera – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Bahrain

Sam Francis Xaviera,
Goem tuven suria kela.
Goeant ravun tuven,...
Sounsarak Jezu dila

Amchem Xezarponn Ani Goenkarponn Sambhallumia – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Purnvilea kallar amche purvoz jiele ani ghele. Te jielet eka mekachea mogan. Xezari xezareager vetalet sanjechea velar ani aplo rikhamo vell sartalet khobro marun, boson bolkanvancher. Aiz amguer zalear faleam tumguer he porim te aplo xezar dhorm sambhalltalet. Hem aum sodanch mojea bhurgeaponnar polletalom jedna aum zolmolom mojea mama-lea gharant (mainchea gharant) Merxechea

Sodanch Uronk Ami Goenkar - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Hem magnnem anven boroilam khotkhotit mogan amche Avoi Goenchea. Konnak avddot ou nam avddot. Punn Goem sambhallunk amkam Goenchea Paicho adar zai.- Menino de Valpoi
Sant Francis Xaviera,
Amchea Goenchea Saiba,
Mogan tum amchea borlelea

Vatt Visron – Bor: Lino Dourado

Dis soron rat aili,
Torui tem ailem na,
Khoim tem gelem zait,
Kainch maka somzona

Goenchem Rajkaran Zalam Ek Ranvotteanchem Bhann – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goeant anik bore dis eupache nam. Goenche rajkarbari anik hea fuddem Goenkar borem kainch korpache nam. Velean zalear Goenchem nisonntonn korpache assat. Goem nopoit korpache proitn tor nettan cholta. Aiz kal Porvore aslele vidhan sobhen atam markari, moriad vibaddpi ani randancho dondo choloup bhorleat. BJP serkar tor sarkoch atha bhair pavonk lagla.

Bhurgeam Disa – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Aizchim bhurguim, fal’leanche dive,
Desache te mozbut khambe,
68 vorsam sangot jiele,
Thodde avoichea pottantuch somple

Ami Goenkar – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem, KannKonn

votontr goyche gulam ami,
Nava purte Goenche dhoni,
Tondam ami xinvleant moni,
Goenkara tuji odhrustti kanni

Rautam tuka - Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Ye mhojea darar mar,
Rautam hanv tuka,
Darak mhojea khilli nam,
Dar ugttench asa

DDON – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponsulem Kannkonn

Goeant mojea bhorleat ddon,
Korunk soddtat nisonton,
Pistol aplem asat zokhun,
Dekun lagonam Goeant mon

Him Koslim Soungam Kortai Re Mukhel Montrea? – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Goenkarank amcheam Goeant suat nam. Aiz kal amcho mukhel montri fokot vavurta aplea paltu ou poslelea petteank sambhallpak. Tacho amdar Glen Ticlo (Aldona) ani tacho apurbaiecho amdar Caitu Silva ancher jem vozonn ailam tantuntle tankam sambhallpak amcho mukhel montri Manohar Porricar zaitoch tokos gheta. Itlo teomp Porrikar nidon aslo jedna her Goenkar magtalet don nagrikponn tedna

KALLIZ DUKHI – Bor: Nessy Barbosa

Kalliz Dukhi....
Koso Visrum Tuka.....
Adle Dis, Bore Niallun Monan Mojea addtam....
Anjeam Sarke Monis Borem Korunk Vavutat Tankam Samballunk Anik Goem Rakonk..


Khoreaninch dokxinn Goenkarank mozo eok vhodd salaam (salute), kallzache khoraiek than. Amchea dokxinn-chea Goenkarani dakoun dilem Goeam passot ani aplea ganvam passot sodanch ube rautele and morosor zuztele mhunn luch’cheam ani lobadd rajnitintlea kiddeam laguim. He kidde anik dusre konn nhoim amich nivddun addlele amdar ou rajkarbari. Dokxinnchea

MONTRI XANNE VO... – Bor: Lavina Fernandes

Tiatrist palkar apli kola dakhoun porzolltat. Piddent koxttovtanam porian machier apli kola dakhoun tannim machi aiz jivi dovorlea. Khella moidonar khellgoddi porzolltat, borovopi aplea ginneanacho vapor korun dekhivont sondex pattoun porzolltat, kaim zannam udyog-dhondea vatten porzolltat, thoddim xikpa vatten toxench zaite zann duddu diun motam vikhtim ghetat



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